Download the Official LFS LiveCD

The following stable versions are supported and recommended for downloading:

x86 (contains official LFS-6.3 book): lfslivecd-x86-6.3-r2160.iso

x86_64 (contains unofficial LFS book): lfslivecd-x86_64-6.3-r2160.iso

The -nosrc ISO images do not contain source tarballs, but are otherwise identical to the full releases. The -min ISO images contain no source tarballs and no X window system.

Currently, there are no testing or unstable CDs that are supported.

FTP Mirrors

Corvallis, OR, USA:

Los Angeles, CA, USA:

San Antonio, TX, USA:

HTTP Mirrors

Corvallis, OR, USA:

Los Angeles, CA, USA:

San Diego, CA, USA:

Peer-2-peer Networks

P2P Networks are another good source for the LiveCD, depending on how many people have it available for download in their shared directory. If you have some bandwidth to spare, please consider adding the LiveCD to your shared directory. Here are our P2P Links:

LiveCD Repository

The LFS LiveCD project has a subversion repository. At present, this contains cd documentation, specific configuration files for the cd and build scripts that are under development. The scripts will allow you to automate the entire process of building an official cd from scratch.

You can view the repository in the SVN browser: LiveCD Repository

Or, if you have subversion, check out the repository locally:

svn co svn:// lfs-livecd