Download the Hardened LFS Book

Current Development

This is the HLFS Book in its current development state. Changes can happen that break the build temporarily.
Not recommended for inexperienced LFS'ers.

Daily rendered snapshots may be downloaded. Or check out the book's XML from the Subversion repository and render it yourself:

svn co svn://

Packages for HLFS

HLFS has a list of packages which you should download. Please use the versions which are listed in the book; these are tested versions which are known to work with each other. In addition to the packages you will need to download some patches. There are several ways to download the packages.

Hunt and Peck

When a package is not available from the location listed in the book, some other places to try are:


The HLFS packages are available in the /pub/lfs/hlfs-packages directory on all the LFS mirrors below.