This chapter includes texlive applications that create output equivalent to typesetting.

There are two alternative routes through this chapter:

Some people may wish to use the binary installer, either because of the complexity of installing all of texlive from source, or because they only want a part of the package, or perhaps because they wish to get updates as soon as those are available (the source is only updated annually). These people should follow the install-tl-unx instructions,. After installing, they can run tlmgr to update their system.

Most people reading BLFS will wish to build from source. You can either do as BLFS used to do, by starting with install-tl-unx, or you can avoid the binary files completely and begin at texlive-20140525-source pass 1 which will install most of texlive, together with all of the supporting files. This almost-complete install is then used to build two remaining parts of texlive, xindy and asy (that involves recompiling all of the package, but not reinstalling all of it).

Because the texmf files (including documentation, fonts, scripts and supporting files) are all in one tarball, it is not practical to limit what gets extracted in a sensible way (e.g. to exclude one or other of the typesetting engines).

After that, people building from source will wish to install biber-1.9, which is supplied separately, to complete the full installation.

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