Introduction to rpcbind

The rpcbind program is a replacement for portmap. It is required for import or export of Network File System (NFS) shared directories.

This package is known to build and work properly using an LFS-7.7 systemd platform.

Package Information

rpcbind Dependencies



User Notes: http://wiki.linuxfromscratch.org/blfs/wiki/rpcbind

Installation of rpcbind

There should be a dedicated user and group to take control of the rpcbind daemon after it is started. Issue the following commands as the root user:

groupadd -g 28 rpc &&
useradd -c "RPC Bind Daemon Owner" -d /dev/null -g rpc \
        -s /bin/false -u 28 rpc

In order to get rpcbind to work properly, first fix the package to use correct service name:

sed -i "/servname/s:rpcbind:sunrpc:" src/rpcbind.c &&
sed -i "/error = getaddrinfo/s:rpcbind:sunrpc:" src/rpcinfo.c

Install rpcbind by running the following commands:

./configure --prefix=/usr       \
            --bindir=/sbin      \
            --with-rpcuser=rpc  \
            --enable-warmstarts \
            --with-statedir=/var/lib/rpcbind &&

This package does not come with a test suite.

Now, as the root user:

make install &&
install -v -dm755 -o rpc -g rpc /var/lib/rpcbind

Command Explanations

--with-rpcuser=rpc: This switch is used so the rpcbind daemon will run as an unprivileged user instead of root user.

--enable-warmstarts: This switch is used to enable rpcbind to write the current list of registered services to a file when it shuts down so it can resume operation with the registrations found in the file when it is started again.

--with-statedir=/var/lib/rpcbind: This switch is used to instruct rpcbind to write current list of registered services to a permanent location of /var/lib/rpcbind instead of /tmp.

Configuring rpcbind

Systemd Units

To start the rpcbind daemon at boot, install the systemd unit from the blfs-systemd-units-20150210 package by running the following command as the root user:

make install-rpcbind


This package uses socket based activation and will be started when something needs it. No standalone unit file is provided for this package.


Installed Programs: rpcbind and rpcinfo
Installed Libraries: None
Installed Directories: None

Short Descriptions


is a server that converts RPC program numbers into universal addresses. It must be running on the host to be able to make RPC calls on a server on that machine.


makes an RPC call to an RPC server and reports data according to the requested options.

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