8.53. Meson-0.64.0

Meson is an open source build system meant to be both extremely fast and as user friendly as possible.

Approximate build time: less than 0.1 SBU
Required disk space: 38 MB


This section is not strictly required for LFS if not using systemd. On the other hand, meson/ninja is a powerful build system, which is expected to be used more and more often. It is required for several packages in the BLFS book.

8.53.1. Installation of Meson

Compile Meson with the following command:

pip3 wheel -w dist --no-build-isolation --no-deps $PWD

The test suite requires some packages out of the scope of LFS.

Install the package:

pip3 install --no-index --find-links dist meson
install -vDm644 data/shell-completions/bash/meson /usr/share/bash-completion/completions/meson
install -vDm644 data/shell-completions/zsh/_meson /usr/share/zsh/site-functions/_meson

The meaning of the install parameters:

-w dist

Put the created wheels into the dist directory.

--find-links dist

Install wheels from the dist directory.

8.53.2. Contents of Meson

Installed programs: meson
Installed directory: /usr/lib/python3.11/site-packages/meson-0.64.0.dist-info and /usr/lib/python3.11/site-packages/mesonbuild

Short Descriptions


A high productivity build system