Introduction to Gnumeric

The Gnumeric package contains a spreadsheet program which is useful for mathematical analysis.



Development versions of BLFS may not build or run some packages properly if dependencies have been updated since the most recent stable versions of the book.

Package Information

Gnumeric Dependencies


GOffice-0.10.53 and itstool-2.0.7

Recommended Runtime


DConf-0.40.0 (to prevent some test failures), gobject-introspection-1.74.0, PyGObject-3.42.2, Valgrind-3.20.0 (for some tests), dblatex (for PDF docs), libgda, Mono, pxlib, and Psiconv

User Notes:

Installation of Gnumeric

Install Gnumeric by running the following commands:

./configure --prefix=/usr  &&

This package must be installed before the test suite is run.

Now, as the root user:

make install

To run the tests, issue make check. Tests should be run from an active X session, and DConf-0.40.0 should be installed to prevent some failures. Four tests are known to fail, one due to a changed test file and three related to valgrind.

Command Explanations

--enable-pdfdocs: Use this switch if you have installed dblatex and wish to create PDF docs.


Installed Programs: gnumeric (symlink), gnumeric-1.12.53, ssconvert, ssdiff, ssgrep, and ssindex
Installed Libraries:
Installed Directories: /usr/include/libspreadsheet-1.12, /usr/lib/gnumeric, /usr/lib/goffice/0.10/plugins/gnumeric, /usr/share/gnumeric, and /usr/share/help/{C,cs,de,es}/gnumeric

Short Descriptions


is a symlink to gnumeric-1.12.53


is GNOME's spreadsheet application


is a command line utility to convert spreadsheet files between various spreadsheet file formats


is a command line utility to compare two spreadsheets


is a command line utility to search spreadsheets for strings


is a command line utility to generate index data for spreadsheet files

contains the gnumeric API functions