Introduction to intel-vaapi-driver

The intel-vaapi-driver package contains a VA API driver for Intel GPUs that are provided with Haswell CPUs and earlier.



Development versions of BLFS may not build or run some packages properly if LFS or dependencies have been updated since the most recent stable versions of the books.

Package Information

intel-vaapi-driver Dependencies


libva-2.20.0 and Xorg build environment

Kernel Configuration

Enable the following options in the kernel configuration. Recompile the kernel if necessary:

Device Drivers --->
  Graphics support --->
    <*/M> Direct Rendering Manager (XFree86 4.1.0 and higher DRI support) --->
                                                                      ...  [DRM]
    <*/M> Intel 8xx/9xx/G3x/G4x/HD Graphics                           [DRM_I915]

Installation of intel-vaapi-driver

Install the driver by running the following commands:

./configure $XORG_CONFIG &&

This package does not come with a test suite.

Now, as the root user:

make install


Installed Driver: