Introduction to Graphite2

Graphite2 is a rendering engine for graphite fonts. These are TrueType fonts with additional tables containing smart rendering information and were originally developed to support complex non-Roman writing systems. They may contain rules for e.g. ligatures, glyph substitution, kerning, justification - this can make them useful even on text written in Roman writing systems such as English. Note that firefox provides an internal copy of the graphite engine and cannot use a system version, but it too should benefit from the availability of graphite fonts.

This package is known to build and work properly using an LFS-7.7 platform.

Package Information

Graphite2 Dependencies




FreeType-2.5.5, Python-2.7.9, and silgraphite to build the comparerender test and benchmarking tool, and if that is present, Harfbuzz-0.9.38 to add more functionality to it (this is a circular dependency, you would need to first build graphite2 without harfbuzz).

To build the documentation, which is reported to be broken, would require all of AsciiDoc, Doxygen- and texlive-20140525 (or install-tl-unx)

Optional (at runtime)

You will need at least one suitable graphite font for the package to be useful.

User Notes:

Installation of Graphite2

Install Graphite2 by running the following commands:

mkdir build &&
cd    build &&

cmake -DCMAKE_INSTALL_PREFIX=/usr .. &&

To test the results, issue: make test.

Now, as the root user:

make install


Installed Programs: gr2fonttest, and optionally comparerender
Installed Libraries:
Installed Directories: /usr/include/graphite2 and /usr/share/graphite2

Short Descriptions


is a test and benchmarking tool.


is a diagnostic console tool for graphite fonts.

is a rendering engine for graphite fonts.

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