Introduction to GNOME

This chapter presents the instructions to install a complete GNOME-3.12 desktop environment. The order of the installed packages follows the build order defined by the GNOME development team and has been thoroughly tested by the BLFS team. You need to be building GNOME-3.12 on top of a system running Systemd.

The installation of GNOME-3.12 is a large undertaking and one we would like to see you complete with the least amount of stress.

To install GNOME as your desktop of choice, it is recommended that you install using --prefix=/usr.

If your system was completely built per LFS and BLFS instructions, you have a very good chance of using GNOME-3.12 after your first installation. If you are a typical LFS user, you have made modifications to the instructions along the way knowing that you have to take those modifications into account on future installations. You should have no problems integrating GNOME-3.12 into your unique setup, but you will have to install well over 50 packages before you can run GNOME through any testing (assuming your windowing system is preinstalled and tested). You should anticipate that you will be rebuilding GNOME at least once to make adjustments for your setup.

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