Introduction to Grilo

Grilo is a framework focused on making media discovery and browsing easy for application developers.

This package is known to build and work properly using an LFS-7.4 platform.

Package Information

Grilo Dependencies


GTK+-3.8.4, libxml2-2.9.1 and XML::Parser-2.41



DocBook-utils-0.6.14, liboauth (to configure flickr personal accounts), and Vala-0.20.1

User Notes:

Installation of Grilo

Install Grilo by running the following commands:

./configure --prefix=/usr \
            --disable-static &&

This package does not have a testsuite.

Now, as the root user:

make install

Command Explanations

--disable-static: This switch prevents installation of static versions of the libraries.

--enable-gtk-doc: Use this parameter if GTK-Doc is installed and you wish to rebuild and install the API documentation.


Installed Programs: grilo-simple-playlist, grilo-test-ui-0.2 and grl-inspect-0.2
Installed Libraries: and
Installed Directories: /usr/include/grilo-0.2

Short Descriptions


is a simple playground application that you can use to test the framework and its plugins.


is a tool that prints out information on available Grilo sources.

provides the Grilo framework.

provides Grilo networking helpers for plug-ins.

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