Introduction to FreeType2

The FreeType2 package contains a library to allow applications to properly render TrueType fonts.

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Installation of FreeType2

If you downloaded the additional documentation, unpack it into the source tree using the following command:

tar xf ../freetype-doc-2.3.7.tar.bz2 \
    --strip-components=2 -C docs

Install FreeType2 by running the following commands:

sed -i -r -e 's:.*(#.*BYTE.*) .*:\1:' \
          -e 's:.*(#.*SUBPIX.*) .*:\1:' \
          include/freetype/config/ftoption.h &&
./configure --prefix=/usr &&

This package does not come with a test suite.

Now, as the root user:

make install &&
install -v -m755 -d /usr/share/doc/freetype-2.3.7 &&
cp -v -R docs/* /usr/share/doc/freetype-2.3.7

Command Explanations

sed -i ... 's:.*(#.*BYTE.*) .*:\1:' ... 's:.*(#.*SUBPIX.*) .*:\1:' include/freetype/config/ftoption.h: This command enables the TrueType native bytecode interpreter and LCD optimized rendering features. These options result in improved rendering of fonts, but may have patent restrictions. Be sure to read before enabling these options.


Installed Program: freetype-config
Installed Library: libfreetype.{so,a}
Installed Directory: /usr/include/freetype2

Short Descriptions


is used to get FreeType compilation and linking information.


contains functions for rendering various font types, such as TrueType and Type1.

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