X Window System Environment

This chapter contains instructions to build and configure a graphical user environment. You will need to choose one of the three packages in BLFS that implements the X Window System: Xorg X11R6 or X11R7 (Xorg-6.9.0 or Xorg-7.1), or XFree86 (XFree86). These packages are all quite similar. In fact, the base system of Xorg is XFree86-4.4.0RC2. Differences in the licensing philosophies was the original reason for the split.

A second reason for the forking of X packages is the stated goals of the developers. Some developers were unhappy with the administration and progress of XFree86. The X.org Foundation's future plans include significant improvements to the internals of the system and more frequent releases.

Xorg-7.1 introduces a completely autotooled build system, but is otherwise the same codebase as Xorg-6.9.0. Most large commercial distributions have decided to use the Xorg package, but several still provide XFree86.

XFree86 continues to be a solid, conservative application with excellent driver support.

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