Control Center-2.14.2

Introduction to Control Center

The Control Center package contains the GNOME settings managers.

Package Information

Control Center Dependencies


libxklavier-2.2, Metacity-2.14.5, GNOME Icon Theme-2.14.2, and Nautilus-2.14.3


Evolution Data Server-1.6.3, ALSA-1.0.13, and GStreamer Base Plug-ins-0.10.11

Though they are only run-time dependencies and Control Center will compile just fine without them installed, there are two screen saver packages that can be installed which will provide a robust collection of screen savers and screen locking capability. GNOME ScreenSaver (BLFS page is forthcoming) is looked for first, with a fallback to XScreenSaver-4.24 if necessary.

User Notes:

Installation of Control Center

Install Control Center by running the following commands:

./configure --prefix=$(pkg-config --variable=prefix ORBit-2.0) \
            --sysconfdir=/etc/gnome/2.14.3 \
            --localstatedir=/var/lib \
            --libexecdir=$(pkg-config \
                --variable=prefix ORBit-2.0)/lib/control-center &&

This package does not come with a test suite.

Now, as the root user:

make install

Command Explanations

--prefix=$(pkg-config --variable=prefix ORBit-2.0): Setting the prefix using this parameter instead of with $GNOME_PREFIX will ensure that the prefix is consistent with the installation environment and the package will be installed in the correct location.

--sysconfdir=/etc/gnome/2.14.3: This parameter causes the configuration files to be installed in /etc/gnome/2.14.3 instead of $GNOME_PREFIX/etc. Additionally (if applicable), the parameter ensures that the GConf-2 database is correctly updated.

--localstatedir=/var/lib: This parameter is used so that all ScrollKeeper files are installed in, and the ScrollKeeper database is properly updated in /var/lib/scrollkeeper instead of some files being installed in $GNOME_PREFIX/var/scrollkeeper.

--libexecdir=$(pkg-config --variable=prefix ORBit-2.0)/lib/control-center: This parameter causes the libexec files to be installed in the preferred location of $GNOME_PREFIX/lib/control-center instead of $GNOME_PREFIX/libexec.

--enable-aboutme: Enables building the gnome-about-me capplet. Evolution Data Server must be installed to use this parameter.


Installed Programs: gnome-about-me,gnome-accessibility-keyboard-properties, gnome-at-properties, gnome-background-properties, gnome-control-center, gnome-default-applications-properties, gnome-display-properties, gnome-font-properties, gnome-font-viewer, gnome-keybinding-properties, gnome-keyboard-properties, gnome-mouse-properties, gnome-network-preferences, gnome-sound-properties, gnome-theme-manager, gnome-theme-thumbnailer, gnome-thumbnail-font, gnome-typing-monitor, gnome-ui-properties, gnome-window-properties, and themus-theme-applier
Installed Libraries: libgnome-window-settings.{so,a}, GNOME VFS and window manager settings library modules and Nautilus library module extensions
Installed Directories: The following subdirectories of $GNOME_PREFIX/: include/gnome-window-settings-2.0, lib/{control-center, nautilus, window-manager-settings}, share/{{,gnome/help/,omf/}control-center-2.0, gnome/{default-applications,cursor-fonts}}

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