Introduction to Bonobo

The Bonobo package contains a set of language and system independent CORBA interfaces for creating reusable components, controls and compound documents.

Package Information

Bonobo Dependencies


OAF-0.6.10 and GNOME Print-0.37


GTK-Doc-1.6 and DocBook-utils-0.6.14

User Notes:

Installation of Bonobo

Install Bonobo by running the following commands:

sed -i 's/static \(const struct CORBA\)/\1/' tests/test-any.c &&
./configure --prefix=/opt/gnome-1.4 &&

To test the results, issue: make check.

Now, as the root user:

make install &&
install -v -m755 -d /opt/gnome-1.4/share/doc/bonobo-1.0.22 &&
install -v -m644 doc/{FAQ,Monikers,*.txt} \

Command Explanations

sed -i '...' tests/test-any.c: This command fixes a problem if the package is compiled using GCC-4.0.x.

--prefix=/opt/gnome-1.4: Installs Bonobo in the GNOME 1.4 directory structure.


Installed Programs: bonobo-application-x-mines, bonobo-audio-ulaw, bonobo-echo, bonobo-moniker-gunzip, bonobo-moniker-http, bonobo-sample-canvas-item, bonobo-sample-controls, bonobo-sample-hello, bonobo-sample-paint, bonobo-selector, bonobo-text-plain, echo-client, efstool, gshell, libefs-config, moniker-test, sample-container and sample-control-container
Installed Libraries: libbonobo.{so,a}, libbonobobox.{so,a}, libbonobo-print.{so,a}, libefs.{so,a} and Bonobo plugin and moniker modules
Installed Directories: /opt/gnome-1.4/include/gnome-1.0/bonobo, /opt/gnome-1.4/lib/bonobo, /opt/gnome-1.4/share/bonobo, /opt/gnome-1.4/share/doc/bonobo-1.0.22, /opt/gnome-1.4/share/gnome/bonobo, /opt/gnome-1.4/share/gnome/ui and /opt/gnome-1.4/share/libefs

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