Introduction to WvStreams

WvStreams is a library suite containing platform-independent C++ networking and utilities libraries for rapid application development.

Package Information

  • Download (HTTP): http://open.nit.ca/download/wvstreams-4.2.2.tar.gz

  • Download (FTP):

  • Download MD5 sum: 103230cb9926cb8f3f4d8dc8584f3b9c

  • Download size: 1.2 MB

  • Estimated disk space required: 46 MB (additional 44 MB to install documentation)

  • Estimated build time: 0.8 SBU (additional 1.9 SBU to build documentation)

WvStreams Dependencies




pkg-config-0.20, Gamin-0.1.7, Linux-PAM-, Tcl-8.4.13, Qt-3.3.7, Speex-1.0.5, libvorbis-1.1.2, Doxygen-1.4.6, FFTW-2.<X>, SWIG, QDBM, OpenSLP, XPLC, Valgrind, and Electric Fence

User Notes: http://wiki.linuxfromscratch.org/blfs/wiki/wvstreams

Installation of WvStreams

If you have Tcl and SWIG installed and wish to utilize them, run the following:

sed -i -e "s/8_3/8_4/"  -e "s/8\.3/8.4/" \
      configure{,.ac} include/wvautoconf.h.in bindings/rules.mk

Install WvStreams by running the following commands:

./configure --prefix=/usr \
    --sysconfdir=/etc --localstatedir=/var &&

If Doxygen is installed and you wish to build the API documentation, issue the following command:

make doxygen

To test the results, issue: make test.

Now, as the root user:

make install

If you built the API documentation, install it using the following commands:

install -v -d -m755 /usr/share/doc/wvstreams-4.2.2/doxy-html &&
install -v -m644 Docs/doxy-html/* \

Command Explanations

sed -i ...: Change to tcl8.4 from tcl8.3.

--sysconfdir=/etc: This parameter places configuration files in /etc instead of /usr/etc.

--localstatedir=/var: This parameter places uniconfd run-time files in /var/lib instead of /usr/var/lib.

Configuring WvStreams

Config Files


Configuration Information

As with most libraries, there is no configuration to do, save that the library directory, i.e., /opt/lib or /usr/local/lib should appear in /etc/ld.so.conf so that ldd can find the shared libraries. After checking that this is the case, /sbin/ldconfig should be run while logged in as root.


Installed Programs: uni and uniconfd
Installed Libraries: libuniconf.{so,a}, libwvbase.{so,a}, libwvfft.{so,a}, libwvoggspeex.{so,a}, libwvoggvorbis.{so,a}, libwvqt.{so,a}, libwvstreams.{so,a}, libwvtelephony.{so,a}, libwvutils.{so,a} and libxplc-cxx.a
Installed Directories: /usr/include/wvstreams, /usr/share/doc/wvstreams-4.2.2 and /var/lib/uniconf

Short Descriptions


is a program to interface with the UniConf configuration system.


is a daemon program for the UniConf configuration system.


contains functions that define a hierarchical registry abstraction in the UniConf configuration system.


contains the Base64 encoder and decoder implementations functions.


enables WvStreams programs to easily handle Fast-Fourier transforms, instead of forcing the programmer to use the much harder to use libfftw interface.


enables quick and painless creation of audio streams using the Speex Voice over IP CODEC.


enables quick and painless creation of audio streams using the OggVorbis CODEC.


enables WvStreams to act as the I/O and configuration back end for Qt and KDE.


provides functions for basic streaming I/O support.


contains telephony function routines such as echo cancellation, dc offset removal, automatic gain control, etc.


contains functions required by the WvStreams libraries and utility programs.


contains helper functions for the C++ WvStreams bindings.

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