Many people have contributed both directly and indirectly to BLFS. This page lists all of those we can think of. We may well have left people out and if you feel this is the case, drop us line. Many thanks to all of the LFS community for their assistance with this project. If you are in the list and wish to have your email address included, again please drop us a line to and we'll be happy to add it. We don't include email addresses by default so if you want it included, please state so when you contact us.


  • Editor: Bruce Dubbs <>

  • Co-Editors: Randy McMurchy, Larry Lawrence, Igor Zivkovic, DJ Lucas, Tushar Teredesai, David Jensen, Manuel Canales Esparcia, and Richard Downing.

Text Authors

  • Chapter 01. Based on the LFS introductory text by Gerard Beekmans, modified by Mark Hymers for BLFS.

  • Chapter 02: The /usr versus /usr/local debate: Andrew McMurry.

  • Chapter 02: Going beyond BLFS: Tushar Teredesai.

  • Chapter 02: Package Management: Tushar Teredesai.

  • Chapter 03: /etc/inputrc: Chris Lynn.

  • Chapter 03: Customizing your logon & vimrc: Mark Hymers.

  • Chapter 03: /etc/shells: Igor Zivkovic.

  • Chapter 03: Random number script Larry Lawrence.

  • Chapter 03: Creating a Custom Boot Device Bruce Dubbs.

  • Chapter 03: The Bash Shell Startup Files James Robertson revised by Bruce Dubbs.

  • Chapter 03: Compressed docs Olivier Peres.

  • Chapter 04: Firewalling: Henning Rohde with thanks to Jeff Bauman. Revised by Bruce Dubbs.

  • Chapter 11: Which Mark Hymers with many thanks to Seth Klein and Jesse Tie-Ten-Quee.

  • Chapter 25: X Window System Environment: Bruce Dubbs.

  • Chapter 27: Intro to Window Managers: Bruce Dubbs.

  • Chapters 28 and 29: KDE: Bruce Dubbs.

  • Chapters 30, 31, and 32: GNOME: Larry Lawrence.

Installation Instruction Authors

  • aalib, Alsa, ffmpeg, gocr, MPlayer, opendivx, transcode, xvid and xsane: Alex Kloss

  • AbiWord, at-spi, ATK, audiofile, avifile, bc, bonobo-activation, bug-buddy, cdrdao, cdrtools, cpio, curl, dhcp, enlightenment, eog, esound, fcron, fluxbox, FNLIB, gail, galeon, gconf-editor, gdbm, gedit, gimp, GLib2, gmp, gnet, gnome-applets, gnome-desktop, gnome-games, gnome-icon-theme, gnome-libs, gnome-media, gnome-mime-data, gnome-panel, gnome-session, gnome-system-monitor, gnome-terminal, gnome-themes, gnome-utils, gnome-vfs, gnome2-user-docs, gnumeric, GTK+2, gtk-doc, gtk-engines, gtk-thinice-engine, eel, imlib, intltool, lame, libao, libart_lgpl, libbonobo, libbonoboui, libgail-gnome, libglade2, libgnome, libgnomecanvas, libgnomeprint, libgnomeprintui, libgnomeui, libgsf, libgtkhtml, libgtop, libIDL, libogg, librep, librsvg, libvorbis, libwnck, libxml2, libxslt, linc, LPRng, Linux_PAM, metacity, MIT Kerberos 5,MPlayer, mutt, nautilus, nautilus-media, oaf, OpenJade, OpenSP, OpenSSH, ORBit, ORBit2, pan, Pango, pccts, pcre, pkgconfig, postfix, procmail, Python, QT, rep-gtk, ruby, sawfish, scrollkeeper, sgml-common, sgml-dtd, shadow, startup-notification, unzip, vorbis-tools, vte, wget, XFce, xine, xml-dtd, yelp and zip: Larry Lawrence

  • CDParanoia, mpg123, SDL and XMMS: Jeroen Coumans

  • alsa, cvs, dhcpcd, gpm, hdparm, libjpeg, libmng, libpng, libtiff, libungif, giflib, links, lynx, openssl, tcsh, which, zsch, zlib: Mark Hymers

  • traceroute: Jeff Bauman

  • db and lcms: Jeremy Jones and Mark Hymers

  • aspell, balsa, bind, bonobo, bonobo-conf, cvs server, db-3.3.11, db-3.1.17, emacs, evolution, exim, expat, gal, gnome-print, GnuCash, gtkhtml, guppi, guile, guppi, g-wrap, leafnode, lesstif, libcapplet, libesmtp, libfam, libghttp, libglade, pine, portmap, PostgreSQL, pspell, qpopper, readline, reiserfs, Samba, sendmail, slrn, soup, tex, tcp-wrappers, and xinetd: Billy O'Connor

  • ProFTPD and rsync: Daniel Baumann

  • ESP Ghostscript: Matt Rogers

  • ALSA Tools, Apache Ant, Cyrus-SASL, DejaGnu, desktop-file-utils, DocBook DSSSL Stylesheets, DocBook-utils, Ethereal, Evolution Data Server, Exim (many additions), Expect, FOP, FreeTTS, FriBidi, gnome-audio, gnome-backgrounds, gnome-menus, GNOME Doc Utils, GnuCash (many additions), Heimdal, HTML Tidy, JadeTeX, Java Access Bridge, LessTif (rewrite), libexif, libgail-gnome, libgnomecups, MPlayer (extensive overhaul), Other Programming Tools, PDL, Perl Modules, pilot-link, Samba 3 (many additions), Shadow (rewrite), SANE (original instructions by Alex Kloss), SLIB, Stunnel, Sysstat and system-tools-backends: Randy McMurchy

  • Screen: Andreas Pedersen

  • PHP: Jeremy Utley

  • Gimp-Print and libusb: Alexander E. Patrakov

  • Fetchmail and WvDial: Paul Campbell

  • UDFtools, Perl modules (initial version) and Bluefish: Richard Downing

  • Epiphany, FLAC, File Roller, GNOME Magnifier, GNOME Netstatus, GNOME Speech, GOK, GPdf, GnomeMeeting, Gnopernicus, Imlib2, LZO, MC, NASM, Nautilus CD Burner, OpenQuicktime, Speex, XScreenSaver, Zenity, compface, freeglut, gcalctool, gucharmap, id3lib, kde-i18n, kdeaccessibility, kdebindings, kdesdk, kdevelop, kdewebdev, libFAME, liba52, libdv, libdvdcss, libdvdread, libmad, libmikmod and libmpeg3: Igor Zivkovic

  • tripwire: Manfred Glombowski

  • ALSA Firmware, ALSA OSS, inetutils, gdk, GLib, GTK+, libxml and vim: James Iwanek

  • iptables: Henning Rohde

  • joe, nano, nmap, slang, w3m and whois: Timothy Bauscher

  • MySQL: Jesse Tie-Ten-Quee

  • fontconfig, gcc, gcc2, jdk, mozilla, nas, openoffice, ispell, nail, ImageMagick, hd2u, STLport, tcl, tk and bind-utils: Tushar Teredesai

  • cracklib, libpcap, ncpfs, netfs, ppp(update), RP-PPPoE, Samba-3 and Subversion: DJ Lucas

  • ntp: Eric Konopka

  • nfs-utils: Reinhard

General Acknowledgments

  • Fernando Arbeiza for doing great quality assurance on Shadow utilizing PAM. The machine access he saved may have been yours.

  • Archaic for trouble shooting the mozilla section by performing multiple builds and for providing a description of the various mozilla extensions.

  • Gerard Beekmans for generally putting up with us and for running the whole LFS project.

  • Oliver Brakmann for developing the dhcpcd patch for FHS compliance.

  • Ian Chilton for writing the nfs hint.

  • Nathan Coulson for writing the new network bootscripts.

  • Nathan Coulson, DJ Lucas and Zack Winkles for reworking the bootscripts used throughout the book.

  • Jim Harris for writing the dig-nslookup-host.txt hint on which the bind-utils instructions are based.

  • Lee Harris for writing the gpm.txt hint on which our gpm instructions are based.

  • Marc Heerdink for creating patches for tcp_wrappers and portmap and for writing the gpm2.txt hint on which our gpm instruction are based.

  • Mark Hymers for initiating the BLFS project and writing many of the initial chapters of the book.

  • J_Man for submitting a gpm-1.19.3.diff file on which our gpm instructions are based.

  • Jeremy Jones (otherwise known as mca) for hacking Makefiles and general assistance.

  • Steffen Knollmann for revising the JadeTeX instructions to work with Tex-3.0.

  • Eric Konopka for writing the ntp.txt hint on which the ntp section is based.

  • Scot McPherson for writing the gnome-1.4.txt hint from which was gathered useful information and for warning us that GNOME Version 2.0 may not be ready to put in the book.

  • Alexander E. Patrakov for patches and suggestions to improve the book content, assistance with alsa dev.d helpers, and increasing the l10n awareness.

  • Ted Riley for writing the Linux-PAM + CrackLib + Shadow hint on which reinstalling Shadow to use PAM is based.

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