Introduction to Galeon

The Galeon package contains a GNOME 2 browser that utilizes the Mozilla gecko rendering engine and presents the simplest interface possible for a browser.

Package information

Galeon dependencies

Installation of Galeon

Compiling must be done with the same compiler version and the same optimization settings that were used on Mozilla.

Install Galeon by running the following commands:

./configure --prefix=`pkg-config --variable=prefix ORBit-2.0` \
    --sysconfdir=/etc/gnome --localstatedir=/var/lib &&
make &&
make install


The Galeon package contains galeon, galeon-config-tool and a libgaleon-xpcom component.



galeon is a GNOME 2 web browser using the Mozilla rendering and networking engines.


galeon-config-tool clears settings, installs schemas, removes schemas and fixes permissions in the GConf database.

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