PPPoE connection using only the PPP package

Alexander E. Patrakov patrakov at ums.usu.ru
Fri Jun 9 07:39:57 PDT 2006

Angel Tsankov wrote:
> I verified I have CONFIG_PACKET=y in my .config file.
>> If this guess is wrong, you have two roads for debugging this:
>> 1) Mail your kernel .config to me privately, so that I can look at it 
>> instead of guessing.
> Sure, I have attached the compressed kernel configuration file.

After adding support for my hardware and making "oldconfig" with newer kernel,
this config _worked_ for me. I can't run an old kernel due to new udev, sorry.
So let's assume this is either a 2.6.11 specific problem, or not a kernel
problem at all. Please install strace and post the output of:

strace -e open,socket pppd call pppoe debug nodetach

together with all files in /etc/ppp that are mentioned in that log, plus your
firewall configuration, if any.

>> 2) Download the known good config from
>> http://wiki.linuxfromscratch.org/livecd/browser/trunk/packages/linux/config.x86?format=raw 
> I will probably try these steps later on as the last way out of this 
> problem. My argument in favor of this decision is that being able to 
> make the PPPoE connection work (using RP-PPPoE along with WvDial, 
> WvStreams and OpenSSL) is an indication that the problem has smth to do 
> with configuration of existing software (ppp package and/or rp-pppoe.so 
> module for example) rather that the software itself (kernel version for 
> example)? Could this assumption be wrong?

It could, because there are two ways to configure pppoe with rp-pppoe:
kernel-mode pppoe and user-mode pppoe.  If one works, there is no reason to
assume that the other will work. With the PPP package alone, only kernel-mode
pppoe is available, so your assumption breaks if you were using user-mode pppoe
(the default with rp-pppoe).

Alexander E. Patrakov

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