1. Introduction

1.1. Cross-LFS Acknowledgements

The CLFS team would like to acknowledge people who have assisted in making the book what it is today.

Our Leaders:

  • Ryan Oliver - Build Process Developer.

  • Jim Gifford - Lead Developer.

  • Jeremy Utley - Release Manager 1.x Series.

Our CLFS Team:

  • Joe Ciccone - Alpha, MIPS, Sparc builds.

  • Nathan Coulson - Bootscripts.

  • Matt Darcy - x86, X86_64, and Sparc builds.

  • Manuel Canales Esparcia - Book XML.

  • Karen McGuiness - Proofreader.

  • Jeremy Huntwork - PowerPC, x86, Sparc builds.

  • Justin Knierim - Website Architect.

  • Ken Moffat - PowerPC and X86_64 builds. Developer of Pure 64 Hint.

  • Alexander E. Patrakov - Udev/Hotplug Integration

  • Chris Staub - x86 builds. Leader of Quality Control.

Outside the Development Team

  • Jürg Billeter - Testing and assisting in the development of the Linux Headers Package

  • Richard Downing - Testing, typo, and content fixes.

  • Peter Ennis - Typo and content fixes.

  • Tony Morgan - Typo and content fixes.

The CLFS team would also like to acknowledge contributions of people from clfs-dev@lists.cross-lfs.org and associated mailing lists who have provided valuable technical and editorial corrections while testing the Cross-LFS book.

  • G. Moko - Text updates and Typos

  • Maxim Osipov - MIPS Testing.

  • Doug Ronne - Various x86_64 fixes.

  • William Zhou - Text updates and Typos

  • Theo Schneider - Testing of the Linux Headers Package

Thank you all for your support.