9.4. Changing the Ownership Of The CLFS System

Throughout the book, every package has been compiled and installed as the clfs user. The final system should be owned by root.



The commands in the remainder of this book must be performed while logged in as root. Check that ${CLFS} is still set:

echo ${CLFS}

Make root the owner of the entire CLFS system:

chown -Rv root:root ${CLFS}

The following files are not to be owned by root:

chgrp -v utmp ${CLFS}/var/run/utmp ${CLFS}/var/log/lastlog

The following device nodes need to be created for the system to boot:

mknod -m 0666 ${CLFS}/dev/null c 1 3
mknod -m 0600 ${CLFS}/dev/console c 5 1