Building KDE Frameworks 5 (KF5)

KDE Frameworks 5 is a collection of libraries based on top of Qt5 and QML derived from the monolithic KDE 4 libraries. They can be used independent of the KDE Display Environment (Plasma 5).

This package is known to build and work properly using an LFS-8.1 platform.

The instructions below build all of the KDE Frameworks packages in one step by using a bash script.

Package Information

KF5 Dependencies


Boost-1.66.0, extra-cmake-modules-5.41.0, docbook-xml-4.5, docbook-xsl-1.79.2, giflib-5.1.4, libepoxy-1.4.3, libgcrypt-1.8.2, libjpeg-turbo-1.5.3, libpng-1.6.34, libxslt-1.1.32, lmdb-0.9.21, OpenSSL-1.0.2n Libraries, QtWebkit-5.9.0, phonon-4.9.1, shared-mime-info-1.9, URI-1.73, and Wget-1.19.2 (required to download the packages)



BlueZ-5.48 (needed to build Bluez-Qt), ModemManager-1.6.12 (needed to build ModemManager-Qt)

Runtime dependency for FrameworkIntegration

Oxygen fonts and Noto fonts

Runtime dependencies for kapidox

Doxygen-1.8.14, Jinja2-2.10, and PyYAML-3.12

Additional image formats support in KImageFormats

JasPer-2.0.14 and OpenEXR

Optional dependencies for KIO

MIT Kerberos V5-1.16

Optional dependencies for Solid

UDisks-2.7.5, UPower-0.99.7 and media-player-info (runtime)

Optional dependency for KWallet


Optional dictionary backends for Sonnet

Hspell and Hunspell

Required dependencies for Prison

Datamatrix and QRencode

User Notes:

Downloading KDE Frameworks

The easiest way to get the KDE Frameworks packages is to use a single wget to fetch them all at once:

wget -r -nH -nd -A '*.xz' -np $url

The options used here are:
  -r            recurse through child directories
  -nH           disable generation of host-prefixed directories
  -nd           do not create a hierarchy of directories 
  -A '*.xz'     just get the *.xz files
  -np           don't get parent directories

Setting Package Order

The order of building files is important due to internal dependencies. Create the list of files in the proper order as follows:

cat > frameworks-5.41.0.md5 << "EOF"
1ebbd6b7636cbc463a3d5413c2e32a73  attica-5.41.0.tar.xz
#6ec01cba580d3ef21d84f7255e6a1dac  extra-cmake-modules-5.41.0.tar.xz
eb1a924ff44e4ca3d0c1aebadf98dd2e  kapidox-5.41.0.tar.xz
4552b6cee31f42f9d6746ebbbe8d65c9  karchive-5.41.0.tar.xz
b7332e685615a6d730558044faa82c37  kcodecs-5.41.0.tar.xz
ca16ea0465784e8cae48fcfd383ade22  kconfig-5.41.0.tar.xz
2de35d8c776f0510ec83e8aa91706613  kcoreaddons-5.41.0.tar.xz
82b2f634646b701268f2e8ed18a1c393  kdbusaddons-5.41.0.tar.xz
f3c68c3f4f635cba8bd541365968fa19  kdnssd-5.41.0.tar.xz
68ff5c6e23100fbcb8e5df810c8446dd  kguiaddons-5.41.0.tar.xz
d232ea154a69d7bd81ddbb4238dd14b9  ki18n-5.41.0.tar.xz
4f0b0fbecc626761a4afdef751e3945b  kidletime-5.41.0.tar.xz
55ea32eabc52b698ed9732daf913481c  kimageformats-5.41.0.tar.xz
c16c33b4e37dd61a1b6102e4dfa4084c  kitemmodels-5.41.0.tar.xz
0712c43b59fb63227bbe4649bd3069aa  kitemviews-5.41.0.tar.xz
cfa7e31be126bab9514367529ee388e8  kplotting-5.41.0.tar.xz
36a55709d9232754de87fce845af407e  kwidgetsaddons-5.41.0.tar.xz
c37711fc60fba6f59e3d12202615384b  kwindowsystem-5.41.0.tar.xz
8fe93eb125b593ca324a7f9c5ffc35f2  networkmanager-qt-5.41.0.tar.xz
f3903da2459a5f6b2915a9ea20791811  solid-5.41.0.tar.xz
f39210f1a1d609dc5ab91b81eab7496c  sonnet-5.41.0.tar.xz
08710d126dd5e9295f6d2082e1c715ba  threadweaver-5.41.0.tar.xz
4e2206fb13c1f7ecfc6ff8fdba3b6755  kauth-5.41.0.tar.xz
4dfd9f0b601b3b29fda431e67749d84b  kcompletion-5.41.0.tar.xz
f31bdd55610016116304a7c2895267cc  kcrash-5.41.0.tar.xz
b3674a19a7c16bee9f020645e0ddbc55  kdoctools-5.41.0.tar.xz
5bd431ca01ea01478089b1ae9e96248f  kpty-5.41.0.tar.xz
870fbc616eeddace047a97cc49709826  kunitconversion-5.41.0.tar.xz
0a9f9185b73c61ff98d866b347cb84ab  kconfigwidgets-5.41.0.tar.xz
ac350a079c779228290d8ad6f7d95424  kservice-5.41.0.tar.xz
4c6269c4428df1e6f590619cb4c4ff79  kglobalaccel-5.41.0.tar.xz
e5bbc196ebb357071988c1a5bf660de2  kpackage-5.41.0.tar.xz
1d03482ad18b4fcf5efdc08342dad0fd  kdesu-5.41.0.tar.xz
ae76e8c76beb51f43bbe2adb71f9ed2e  kemoticons-5.41.0.tar.xz
11d64047d571925ec70b6b2774e2f7e6  kiconthemes-5.41.0.tar.xz
a933f40379454c722fcc6748d02b1fa5  kjobwidgets-5.41.0.tar.xz
ebd60e338a9e7b59a555a5d3cc0d7b5a  knotifications-5.41.0.tar.xz
b0f13d0727924a002fb3da6ba51b9b5e  ktextwidgets-5.41.0.tar.xz
280907ea04c30f4d8ccf780e01061537  kxmlgui-5.41.0.tar.xz
436243672adfe56567c732d97924adba  kbookmarks-5.41.0.tar.xz
894a257850904ba73491d33f77570dba  kwallet-5.41.0.tar.xz
4249f48518556c174f9475e3f33ca3e1  kio-5.41.0.tar.xz
88160137086a2b01d97bcd13d0175cc1  kdeclarative-5.41.0.tar.xz
8e1f8ac1320b01c9f894eb4ae22452ae  kcmutils-5.41.0.tar.xz
cbfb3f5b2135551975d9e204a18a1011  kirigami2-5.41.0.tar.xz
e3ecbab2d0aef7ab54137dd10f260199  knewstuff-5.41.0.tar.xz
0dd6f089983ecd32155a980dd701d8bd  frameworkintegration-5.41.0.tar.xz
f1be560698aaa8329f61cc364208becd  kinit-5.41.0.tar.xz
d3a25384ba8bc72c34adc23431bfb1fc  knotifyconfig-5.41.0.tar.xz
c799742b700dc63cc29b43b05363caf6  kparts-5.41.0.tar.xz
94b470c2ab31754cec8b976dbcf914fb  kactivities-5.41.0.tar.xz
55e4ea83c260ed6133d91baa85e83ee2  kded-5.41.0.tar.xz
e6ca0e267d398418221b44686eeb8112  kdewebkit-5.41.0.tar.xz
fc593a8fbb7ad9105d3f5cbab20025f9  syntax-highlighting-5.41.0.tar.xz
4a56a69a8d4180bed8e0fc62b104ae5b  ktexteditor-5.41.0.tar.xz
4e68fcc75c98efbb52ad10cc93f94cac  kdesignerplugin-5.41.0.tar.xz
182714e5cffb3f8d98cd9ec9e5e342a2  kwayland-5.41.0.tar.xz
a824f972b674747dcf4c37b72ac5aafe  plasma-framework-5.41.0.tar.xz
d9f1c4a923b48fc6f27317be8d880279  modemmanager-qt-5.41.0.tar.xz
d2fcacdd586ea9523dfdced3508a9018  kpeople-5.41.0.tar.xz
fe298ffdfee126f9ba3bcdef1118fcdf  kxmlrpcclient-5.41.0.tar.xz
c1be30ad443b482cb64be7ec294e643d  bluez-qt-5.41.0.tar.xz
2a0ca3328b99e0107a4037319747c079  kfilemetadata-5.41.0.tar.xz
b7636f757203dc0c31bcebb9c43d82f4  baloo-5.41.0.tar.xz
#4d9130ec475e1a99d44cddc3be5c0965  breeze-icons-5.41.0.tar.xz
#b55b649450dcffe2b207e203915f8985  oxygen-icons5-5.41.0.tar.xz
98dfb00d6d376b9adaa45f28444cdc74  kactivities-stats-5.41.0.tar.xz
3eb823010cc1738302e3f0e89c088f62  krunner-5.41.0.tar.xz
#c8f1ba624b752249fba8a590b9c67f4a  prison-5.41.0.tar.xz
ca0658e0f314b957dae151c83f4f24db  qqc2-desktop-style-5.41.0.tar.xz
50cf974dae417f0ba8785fd64ed186ab  kjs-5.41.0.tar.xz
d1dad42422f484912a1b32eee1344436  kdelibs4support-5.41.0.tar.xz
795c5ae86722acf4153ad77f9dcde6f6  khtml-5.41.0.tar.xz
dcae4f0b65f53a64b4c6296fbe03be97  kjsembed-5.41.0.tar.xz
6bcc75b0773b2dbcc73a3e9db0e95efc  kmediaplayer-5.41.0.tar.xz
b58a7bdf8cc70e20293fad45990f8876  kross-5.41.0.tar.xz

In the above list, notice that some files have been commented out with a hash (#) character. The extra-cmake-modules entry has been commented out because it was built earlier in the Introduction to KDE. The icon packages are covered separately at breeze-icons-5.41.0 and oxygen-icons5-5.41.0. The modemmanager-qt package may be built if its optional dependency has been installed. The prison package (bar code reader) may be built if the required external libraries are installed.

Installation of KDE Frameworks



When installing multiple packages in a script, the installation needs to be done as the root user. There are three general options that can be used to do this:

  1. Run the entire script as the root user (not recommended).

  2. Use the sudo command from the Sudo-1.8.22 package.

  3. Use su -c "command arguments" (quotes required) which will ask for the root password for every iteration of the loop.

One way to handle this situation is to create a short bash function that automatically selects the appropriate method. Once the command is set in the environment, it does not need to be set again.

  if   [ $EUID = 0 ];        then $*
  elif [ -x /usr/bin/sudo ]; then sudo $*
  else                            su -c \\"$*\\"

export -f as_root


If installing in /opt and there is an existing /opt/kf5 either as a regular directory or a symbolic link, it should be reinitialized (as root):

mv -v /opt/kf5 /opt/kf5.old                         &&
install -v -dm755           $KF5_PREFIX/{etc,share} &&
ln -sfv /etc/dbus-1         $KF5_PREFIX/etc         &&
ln -sfv /usr/share/dbus-1   $KF5_PREFIX/share

First, start a subshell that will exit on error:

bash -e

Install all of the packages by running the following commands:

export CXXFLAGS='-isystem /usr/include/openssl-1.0'

while read -r line; do

    # Get the file name, ignoring comments and blank lines
    if $(echo $line | grep -E -q '^ *$|^#' ); then continue; fi
    file=$(echo $line | cut -d" " -f2)

    pkg=$(echo $file|sed 's|^.*/||')          # Remove directory
    packagedir=$(echo $pkg|sed 's|\.tar.*||') # Package directory

    tar -xf $file
    pushd $packagedir

      case $packagedir in
          sed -i.orig \
             '/OPENSSL_FOUND/i set(OPENSSL_INCLUDE_DIR "/usr/include/openssl-1.0")' \

      mkdir build
      cd    build

            -DCMAKE_PREFIX_PATH=$QT5DIR        \
            -DCMAKE_BUILD_TYPE=Release         \
            -DBUILD_TESTING=OFF                \
            -Wno-dev ..
      as_root make install


  as_root rm -rf $packagedir
  as_root /sbin/ldconfig

done < frameworks-5.41.0.md5



Any modules that have been omitted can be installed later by using the same mkdir build; cd build; cmake; make; make install procedure as above.

Sometimes the installation paths are hardcoded into installed files. If the installed directory is not /usr, rename the directory and create a symlink:

mv -v /opt/kf5 /opt/kf5-5.41.0
ln -sfvn kf5-5.41.0 /opt/kf5

Command Explanations

-DCMAKE_PREFIX_PATH=$QT5DIR: This switch is used to allow cmake to find the proper Qt libraries.

-DCMAKE_BUILD_TYPE=Release: This switch is used to apply higher level of the compiler optimizations.

-DBUILD_TESTING=OFF: This switch is used to prevent building test programs and libraries that are of no use to an end user.


Installed Programs: There are 48 programs installed in /opt/kf5/bin.
Installed Libraries: There are too many kf5 libraries (191) to list separately.
Installed Directories: /opt/kf5 (symlink to /opt/kf5-5.41.0)

Short Descriptions


is a tool to check for syntax errors in KDE DocBook XML files.


is a tool to generate a dependency diagram.


is a tool to generate a dependency diagram for all frameworks at once..


is a tool to prepare dot files.


is a tool to convert a .desktop file to a .json file.


is the KDE Plasma Workspace Activity Manager.


rebuilds the KService desktop file system configuration cache.


is a command line interface to the HTTP cookie store used by KDE, a D-BUS service to store/retrieve/clean cookies.


consolidates several small services in one process.


is a process launcher somewhat similar to the famous init used for booting UNIX.


is a command line program used to retrieve information about KDE installation or user paths.


executes kross scripts written in KDE Javascript, Python, Ruby, Java and Falcon.


is a tool to generate API documentation in the KDE style.


generates widget plugins for Qt(TM) Designer.


is a daemon use to register the key bindings and for getting notified when the action triggered.


is KDE ECMAScript/JavaScript engine.


is a tool for launching KJSEmbed scripts from the command line.


is a console for kjs5.


is a mail service.


is a commandline tool for launching kpackage QML application


is a command line kpackage tool.


is a command line tool to retrieve values from KDE configuration files.


start applications via kdeinit.


is a telnet service.


is a helper program to handle the KDE trash can.


is the wallet manager daemon.


is a command line tool to write values in KDE configuration files.


converts DocBook files to HTML.


is a tool to install, list, remove Plasma packages


is a script to extract the text from a tips file.


is a command line tool to investigate available devices.

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