Introduction to GnuCash

GnuCash is a personal finance manager.

Package information

GnuCash dependencies


PostgreSQL-7.4.6, Guppi-0.40.3, ScrollKeeper-0.3.14, Guile-www, Perl modules: (LWP, HTML-Parser, DateManip and Finance-Quote), GraphViz, Doxygen-1.4.1, Electric Fence

Optional (for on-line banking)

LibOFX, KtoBlzCheck, AqHBCI (requires Gwenhywfar then AqBanking), and also see libchipcard

Installation of GnuCash

Install GnuCash by running the following commands:

./configure --prefix=/opt/gnome \
    --sysconfdir=/etc --disable-guppi \
    --disable-error-on-warning &&
make &&
make install &&
chown -R root:root /opt/gnome/share/gnucash/doc/html/html

Note: If you run make check before installing the package, you may need to do it as the root user so that the Slib catalog in /usr/share/guile can be updated.

If you want to install the Help documentation, and you have ScrollKeeper-0.3.14 installed, unpack the additional tarball, change into the GnuCash Docs source directory and issue the following commands:

./configure --prefix=/opt/gnome \
    --localstatedir=/var/lib &&
make &&
make install

Command explanations

--prefix=/opt/gnome: GnuCash-1.8.10 is a GNOME 1.4 application.

--sysconfdir=/etc: This installs configuration files in /etc/gnucash instead of /opt/gnome/etc/gnucash.

--disable-guppi: This compiles GnuCash without support for creating GUI graphs and plots. Remove this option if you have Guppi installed.

--disable-error-on-warning: The build will fail if you used --enable-hbci, as a warning is generated. This option forces the build to ignore the warning.

--enable-ofx: This parameter is required if you want to build in on-line banking support using LibOFX.

--enable-hbci: This parameter is required if you want to build in on-line banking support using AqBanking/AqHBCI. See doc/README.HBCI in the GnuCash source tree for complete information.

chown -R root:root /opt/gnome/share/gnucash/doc/html/html: If the package is built by any user other than root, the ownership of the installed documentation files are set incorrectly. This command changes the ownership to root:root.

Configuring GnuCash

Configuration Information



GnuCash must be run as root once before use. Simply executing gnucash from an X terminal and clicking on the cancel button is sufficient. This must be done prior to setting up accounts as an unprivileged user, due to the fact that GnuCash must update scheme catalogs before it is used.


The GnuCash package contains gnucash.



gnucash is a personal finance manager.

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