Introduction to LessTif

The LessTif package contains an Open Source version of OSF/Motif(R).

Package information

LessTif dependencies


X (XFree86-4.4.0 or X.org-6.8.2)

Installation of LessTif

Install LessTif by running the following commands:

find -name Makefile.in | \
    xargs sed -i 's@$(prefix)/LessTif@$(prefix)/share/LessTif@g' &&
./configure --prefix=/usr \
    --enable-build-21 \
    --disable-debug \
    --enable-production \
    --disable-build-tests \
    --with-xdnd &&
make &&
make install

Command explanations

sed -i 's@$(prefix)/LessTif@$(prefix)/share/LessTif@g': This moves the location of the non-FHS compliant /usr/LessTif directory to /usr/share/LessTif.

--enable-build-21: Build the Motif 2.1 compatible version of the LessTif libraries.

--disable-debug: Do not generate debugging information.

--enable-production: Build the release version of the LessTif libraries.

--disable-build-tests: Do not build the test/ tree (see Testing LessTif).

--with-xdnd: Enable XDND GNOME compatibility support.

Configuring LessTif

Configuration Information

As with most libraries, there is no configuration to do, save that the library directory i.e., /opt/lib or /usr/local/lib should appear in /etc/ld.so.conf so that ldd can find the shared libraries. After checking that this is the case, /sbin/ldconfig should be run while logged in as root.

Testing LessTif

It is advisable to test the installation of LessTif with the test suite located in lesstif-0.94.0/test. It is not required to install any of the resulting binaries to validate the installation. The following commands executed from the source directory will suffice:

cd test &&
./configure &&


The LessTif package contains mxmkmf, mwm, xmbind, uil and LessTif libraries.



mxmkmf is the LessTif version of xmkmf which creates a Makefile from an Imakefile


mwm is a window manager that adheres largely to the Motif mwm specification.


xmbind configures the virtual key bindings of LessTif applications


uil is a user interface language compiler which translates a plain text description of the user interface of a Motif application into a machine-readable form.

lesstif libraries

LessTif libraries are an OSF/Motif(R) source code compatible library for the X Window System.

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