Introduction to OpenSP

The OpenSP package contains a C++ library for using SGML/XML files. This is useful for validating, parsing and manipulating SGML and XML documents.

Package information

Additional downloads

OpenSP dependencies

Installation of OpenSP

Install OpenSP by running the following commands:

patch -Np1 -i ../OpenSP-1.5.1-LITLEN-1.patch &&
patch -Np1 -i ../OpenSP-1.5.1-gcc34-1.patch &&
./configure --prefix=/usr --disable-static --enable-http \
    --enable-default-catalog=/etc/sgml/catalog \
    --enable-default-search-path=/usr/share/sgml &&
make pkgdatadir=/usr/share/sgml/OpenSP-1.5.1 &&
make pkgdatadir=/usr/share/sgml/OpenSP-1.5.1 install &&
ln -sf onsgmls /usr/bin/nsgmls &&
ln -sf osgmlnorm /usr/bin/sgmlnorm &&
ln -sf ospam /usr/bin/spam &&
ln -sf ospcat /usr/bin/spcat &&
ln -sf ospent /usr/bin/spent &&
ln -sf osx /usr/bin/sx &&
ln -sf osx /usr/bin/sgml2xml &&
ln -sf /usr/lib/

Command explanations

--disable-static: This switch prevents the building of the static library.

--enable-http: This switch adds support for HTTP.

--enable-default-catalog=/etc/sgml/catalog: This switch sets the path to the centralized catalog.

--enable-default-search-path: This switch sets the default value of SGML_SEARCH_PATH.

--enable-xml-messages: This switch adds support for XML Formatted Messages.

make pkgdatadir=/usr/share/sgml/OpenSP-1.5.1: This sets the pkgdatadir variable in the Makefile from /usr/share/OpenSP to /usr/share/sgml/OpenSP-1.5.1.

ln -sf ...: These commands create the SP equivalents of OpenSP executables and libraries.


The OpenSP package contains onsgmls, ospam, osx, ospcat and ospent.



onsgmls processes SGML files.


ospam is a markup stream editor.


osx is a SGML normalizer or a converter of SGML to XML.


ospcat prints effective system identifiers found in the catalogs.


ospent provides access to OpenSP's entity manager.

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