Introduction to OpenJade

The OpenJade package contains a DSSSL engine. This is useful for SGML and XML transformations into RTF, TeX, SGML and XML.

Package information

OpenJade dependencies



Installation of OpenJade

Install OpenJade by running the following commands:

./configure --prefix=/usr --enable-http --disable-static \
    --enable-default-catalog=/etc/sgml/catalog \
    --enable-default-search-path=/usr/share/sgml \
    --datadir=/usr/share/sgml/openjade-1.3.2 &&
make &&
make install &&
ln -sf openjade /usr/bin/jade &&
ln -sf /usr/lib/ &&
ln -sf /usr/lib/ &&
ln -sf /usr/lib/ &&
install -m644 dsssl/catalog /usr/share/sgml/openjade-1.3.2/ &&
install -m644 dsssl/*.{dtd,dsl,sgm} \
    /usr/share/sgml/openjade-1.3.2 &&
install-catalog --add /etc/sgml/ \
    /usr/share/sgml/openjade-1.3.2/catalog &&
install-catalog --add /etc/sgml/ \

Command explanations

--disable-static: This switch prevents the building of the static library.

--enable-http: This switch adds support for HTTP.

--enable-default-catalog=/etc/sgml/catalog: This switch sets the path to the centralized catalog.

--enable-default-search-path: This switch sets the default value of SGML_SEARCH_PATH.

--datadir=/usr/share/sgml/openjade-1.3.2: This switch puts data files in /usr/share/sgml/openjade-1.3.2 instead of /usr/share.

ln -sf ...: These commands create the Jade equivalents of OpenJade executables and libraries.

Configuring OpenJade

Configuration Information

echo "SYSTEM \"\" \
    \"/usr/share/xml/docbook/xml-dtd-4.3/docbookx.dtd\"" >> \

This configuration is only necessary if you intend to use OpenJade to process the BLFS XML files through DSSSL Stylesheets.


The OpenJade package contains openjade and the OpenJade libraries.



openjade is a DSSSL engine used for transformations.

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