Introduction to Avifile

The Avifile package contains an AVI video file player, tools and support libraries. This is useful for viewing and editing AVI files.

Package information

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Installation of Avifile

Install the required CODEC as the root user using the following commands:

install -d -m755 /usr/lib/avifile-0.7/win32 &&
tar -zxf ../binaries-011002.tgz -C /usr/lib/avifile-0.7

Install Avifile by running the following commands:

./configure --prefix=/usr \
    --with-win32-path=/usr/lib/avifile-0.7/win32 &&
make &&
sed -i -e "s,include/avifile,&-0.7," avifile.pc

Now, as the root user:

make install

Command explanations

sed -i -e "s,include/avifile,&-0.7," avifile.pc: The pkgconfig file is installed with an incorrect include directory definition. This command fixes the file.


Installed Programs: avibench, avicap, avicat, avifile-config, avimake, aviplay, avirec, avirecompress, avitype, kv41setup and mmxnow-config
Installed Libraries: libaviplay.so, libaviplayavcodec.so, libaviplayavformat.so, libaviplaydha.so, libaviplayvidix and numerous CODEC plugins and video extensions.
Installed Directories: /usr/include/avifile-0.7, /usr/lib/avifile-0.7 and /usr/share/avifile-0.7

Short Descriptions


performs a measurement of the AVI file support library's performance for a file.


is a widget that displays acquired video from a Video For Windows (VFW) compatible device, like a webcam or a TV-tuner.


takes a set of AVI files and combines them into a single file.


is run by configure for programs wishing to link to the Avifile libraries.


takes a set of JPG images and creates a movie.


manages the input formats, the CODECs and the output formats to display AVI video files on your screen.


is a command-line video recording tool.


is a widget that takes an input file of one CODEC type and converts it into a video file of another CODEC.


will read and display AVI file header information.


is a small tool which tells video4linux about the current video mode.


is run by configure for programs wishing to link to the mmxnow library.


libraries contain the functions required by the various Avifile programs for encoding, decoding and to interface with the various plugins and video extensions.

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