ALSA Library-1.0.7

Introduction to ALSA Library

The ALSA Library package contains the ALSA library. This is used by programs (including ALSA Utilities) requiring access to the ALSA sound interface.

Package information

ALSA Library dependencies


JACK and Doxygen-1.4.1

Installation of ALSA Library

In the “Sound” section of the kernel configuration, edit Advanced Linux Sound Architecture options to match your audio hardware and disable deprecated Open Sound System. Recompile and install your new kernel.

Install ALSA Library by running the following commands:

./configure --enable-static &&
make &&
make install

If you have JACK installed and you wish to build the JACK PCM plugin library, run the following commands:

cd src/pcm/ext &&
make jack &&
make install-jack &&
cd ../../..

If you have Doxygen installed and you wish to build the library API documentation, run the following commands from the top-level directory of the source tree:

make doc &&
install -d -m755 /usr/share/alsa/doc/html &&
install -m644 doc/doxygen/html/* /usr/share/alsa/doc/html

Command explanations

--enable-static: This switch is used to enable building the static library because some programs link against it.

Configuring ALSA Library

Config files

/usr/share/alsa/alsa.conf, /etc/asound.conf, ~/.asoundrc and /usr/share/alsa/{cards,pcm}/*.conf

Configuration information

The default alsa.conf is adequate for most installations. For extra functionality and/or advanced control of your sound device, you may need to create additional configuration files. For information on the available configuration parameters, including setup of the JACK PCM plugin, visit


The ALSA Library package contains aserver, alsalisp, the libasound library and optionally, the JACK PCM plugin library.


libasound (alsa library)

libasound provides ALSA functions for application programs.

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