Introduction to kdelibs

This package includes programs and libraries that are central to the development and execution of a KDE program, as well as internationalization files for these libraries, misc HTML documentation, theme modules and regression tests.

Package information

Installation of kdelibs

Install kdelibs with:

patch -Np0 -i ../post-3.3.2-kdelibs-htmlframes2.patch &&
patch -Np0 kio/kio/job.cpp ../post-3.3.2-kdelibs-kio.diff &&
patch -Np0 -i ../post-3.3.2-kdelibs-kioslave.patch &&
./configure --prefix=$KDE_PREFIX --disable-debug \
    --disable-dependency-tracking --enable-fast-malloc=full &&


If you wish to create the API documentation and you have Doxygen and GraphViz installed, make apidox must be done before make install. This applies to all packages which can utilize Doxygen.

Now, as the root user:

make install

Command explanations

--prefix=$KDE_PREFIX: This option tells the process to install the package in $KDE_PREFIX.

--disable-debug: This option causes the package to be compiled without debugging code.

--disable-dependency-tracking: This option speeds up one time builds.

--enable-fast-malloc=full: This option tells KDE programs to use an internal memory allocation scheme optimized for KDE.


Installed Programs: Numerous KDE support programs
Installed Libraries: Numerous KDE libraries

Short Descriptions

KDE Support Programs

contain essential support programs needed by other KDE applications.

KDE Libraries

contain essential functions that are needed by KDE applications.

The number of programs and libraries installed by kdelibs prohibits an explanation of each one in this section. Instead, see the KDE Documentation.

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