Introduction to Nautilus

The Nautilus package contains the GNOME shell and file manager.

Package information

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Installation of Nautilus

Install Nautilus by running the following commands:

patch -Np1 -i ../nautilus-2.8.2-libexif_fix-1.patch &&
./configure --prefix=`pkg-config --variable=prefix ORBit-2.0` \
    --libexecdir=`pkg-config --variable=prefix ORBit-2.0`/sbin \
    --sysconfdir=/etc/gnome && 
make &&
make install

Command explanations

--libexecdir=`pkg-config --variable=prefix ORBit-2.0`/sbin: This switch puts libexec files in $GNOME_PREFIX/sbin instead of $GNOME_PREFIX/libexec.

--sysconfdir=/etc/gnome: This switch puts configuration files in /etc/gnome instead of $GNOME_PREFIX/etc.


The Nautilus package contains nautilus, nautilus-adapter, nautilus-file-management-properties, nautilus-text-view, nautilus-throbber, libnautilus libraries and Bonobo modules.



nautilus is the GNOME file manager.

nautilus libraries

libnautilus libraries supply the functions needed by the file manager.

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