Introduction to libmng

The libmng libraries are used by programs wanting to read and write Multiple-image Network Graphics (MNG) files which are the animation equivalents to PNG files.

Package information

libmng dependencies


libjpeg-6b and lcms-1.14

Installation of libmng

Install libmng by running the following commands:

chmod 755 &&
sh &&
./configure --prefix=/usr &&
make &&
make install &&
cp doc/man/*.3 /usr/share/man/man3 &&
cp doc/man/*.5 /usr/share/man/man5

Command explanations

sh This package does not ship with a configure script. The autotool files need to be generated before configuring the package.

cp doc/man/*.X /usr/share/man/manX: The install procedure doesn't install the man pages so they are copied manually.


The libmng package contains libmng libraries.


MNG libraries

libmng provides functions for programs wishing to read and write MNG files which are animation files without the patent problems associated with certain other formats.

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