Introduction to cpio

The cpio package contains tools for archiving.

Package information

Installation of cpio

Install cpio by running the following commands:

sed -i -e "s/invalid_arg/argmatch_invalid/" src/mt.c &&
./configure CPIO_MT_PROG=mt --prefix=/usr \
    --bindir=/bin --libexecdir=/tmp \
    --with-rmt=/usr/sbin/rmt &&
make &&
make install

Command explanations

sed -i -e "s/invalid_arg/argmatch_invalid/" src/mt.c: This command fixes a build problem in the mt program.

CPIO_MT_PROG=mt: This parameter forces the building and installation of the mt program.

--bindir=/bin: This parameter installs cpio to /bin instead of /usr/bin as per FHS guidelines.

--libexecdir=/tmp: This parameter is used so that /usr/libexec is not created.

--with-rmt=/usr/sbin/rmt: This parameter inhibits building the rmt program as it is already installed by the tar package in LFS.


The cpio package contains cpio and mt.



cpio copies files to and from archives.


mt controls magnetic tape drive operations.

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