This chapter includes databases that range from single-user read/write to industrial database servers with transaction support. Generally, you will be sent here to satisfy dependencies to other applications although building a SQL server on a base LFS system is entirely possible.

Berkeley DB-4.3.27

Introduction to Berkeley DB

The Berkeley DB package contains programs and utilities used by many other applications for database related functions.

Package information

Berkeley DB dependencies


Tcl-8.4.9 and J2SDK-1.4.2

Installation of Berkeley DB

Install Berkeley DB by running the following commands:

cd build_unix &&
../dist/configure --prefix=/usr \
    --enable-compat185 \
    --enable-cxx &&
make LIBSO_LIBS="-lpthread" LIBXSO_LIBS="-lpthread" &&
make docdir=/usr/share/doc/db-4.3.27 install

Note: If you build the package as an unprivileged user, then switch to the root user to install the package, Berkeley DB will install the files with ownerships of the user building the package. This is undesireable. Change the ownership of the installed files using the following commands:

chown root:root /usr/bin/db_* \
/usr/lib/libdb* /usr/include/db* &&
chown -R root:root /usr/share/doc/db-4.3.27

Command explanations

cd build_unix && ../dist/configure --prefix=/usr...: This replaces the normal ./configure command, as Berkeley DB comes with various build directories for different platforms.

--enable-compat185: This switch enables building DB 1.85 compatibility API.

--enable-cxx: This switch enables building C++ API.

make LIBSO_LIBS="-lpthread" LIBXSO_LIBS="-lpthread": configure does not correctly handle NPTL. These variables force it to properly link against NPTL.

make docdir=/usr/share/doc/db-4.3.27 install: This installs the documentation in the correct place.

--enable-tcl --with-tcl=/usr/lib: enables Tcl support in DB and creates the libdb_tcl libraries.

--enable-java: enables Java support in DB and creates the libdb_java libraries.


The Berkeley DB package contains db_archive, db_checkpoint, db_deadlock, db_dump, db_load, db_printlog, db_recover, db_stat, db_upgrade, db_verify and the libdb libraries.



db_archive prints the pathnames of log files that are no longer in use.


db_checkpoint is a daemon process used to monitor and checkpoint database logs.


db_deadlock is used to abort lock requests when deadlocks are detected.


db_dump converts database files to a flat file format readable by db_load.


db_load is used to create database files from flat files created with db_dump.


db_printlog converts database log files to human readable text.


db_recover is used to restore a database to a consistent state after a failure.


db_stat displays database environment statistics.


db_upgrade is used to upgrade database files to a newer version of Berkeley DB.


db_verify is used to run consistency checks on database files.