The nALFS package tracks all "bugs" in the LFS Bugzilla database. A "bug" is defined as an issue, to-do or enhancement request tied to one of the ALFS products. The Bugzilla database can be accessed via the web at http://bugs.linuxfromscratch.org. The package is split across two Bugzilla products: "ALFS Profiles" and "Automated Linux From Scratch". The distinction between the two should be pretty clear.

The "Automated Linux From Scratch" product is then split up into five components: "Back End (XML)", "Docs", "DTD", "Extras", and "Front End (GUI)". The "Back End (XML)" component is for all of the back end handlers that parse the XML and perform the work they ask for. The "Docs" component is to track all issues related to the three works (this book, the ALFS DTD Syntax Doc and the Users Guide). The "DTD" component is designed to take care of all issues around the main ALFS DTD and any other DTD's that the project uses. A good example would be the logging DTD. The "Extras" component is for any add-ons or extras to the nALFS package. The "Front End (GUI)" is designed to track any bugs for the ncurses GUI.

If you find a bug in one of the products, first look in the Bugzilla database to see if your issue is there. If not, then please read the Contact Information page on how to contact the development team at the appropriate mailing list. The team will decide if your issue is really a bug or just user error. If a bug is found, then you can (or one of the development team will) add the bug in the database for work on later.