Element: <unpack>


        <!ELEMENT unpack         (digest?, reference*, archive, destination)>

This element occurs in : Element : <alfs> | Element: <stage>

See also : Element : <archive> | Element: <destination> | Element: <digest> | Element: <reference>


The unpack element is one of the top-level operation elements. It is used to unpack an archive into a destination directory.

The reference child-element gives the URL of the archive; it is only used if the archive file is not available locally.

The digest child-element gives the digest of the archive, using the digest type specified in the type attribute. See Element: <digest>.

The archive child-element gives the name of the archive, and the destination child-element gives the name of the directory in which the archive is unpacked.



The equivalent bash script is :

        echo Unpacking /usr/src/lfs-packages/gzip.1.2.4a.tar.gz into /usr/src
wget -nc -O /usr/src/lfs-packages/gzip-1.2.4a.tar.gz ftp://ftp.gnu.org/gnu/gzip/gzip.1.2.4a.tar.gz
cd /usr/src
tar xzvf /usr/src/lfs-packages/gzip.1.2.4a.tar.gz