Element: <patch>


        <!ELEMENT patch          ((param | prefix)*)>
<!ATTLIST patch
          base           CDATA #IMPLIED>

This element occurs : Element : <alfs> | Element: <stage>

See also : Element: <param> | Element: <prefix>


The patch element is one of the top-level operation elements. It is used to execute the patch command.

The param child-element contains the parameters of the command.

The prefix child-element provides a means to specify an environment variable or some other prefix to the patch command.

The base attribute allows you to specify the directory in which the operation will be performed. For a better description, see Element : <base>.


        <param>-i ../gawk-3.1.1.patch</param>

The equivalent bash script is :

echo 'patch -N -p1 -i ../gawk-3.1.1.patch'
patch -N -p1 -i ../gawk-3.1.1.patch