Element: <packageinfo>


        <!ELEMENT packageinfo    (description?, requires*, utilizes*)>

This element occurs in : Element: <package>

See also : Element : <description> | Element: <requires> | Element: <utilizes>


The packageinfo element groups elements containing information about the package, namely a description and some dependency relationship(s).

The description child-element provides for a description of the packge.

The requires child-element provides for a relationship (dependancy) to other defined packages in the profile.

The utilizes child-element provdes for a relationship (uses / optional) to other defined packages in the profile.


<package name="gimp" version="1.2.3">



                        <para>The gimp package contains the GNU Image Manipulation Program.
                                    This is useful for :</para>

                                <item>photo retouching,</item>
                                <item>image composition,</item>
                                <item>image authoring.</item>






There is no equivalent bash script for the element.