Element: <package>


        <!ELEMENT package        (packageinfo?, stage+)>
<!ATTLIST package
          name           CDATA #REQUIRED
          version        CDATA #REQUIRED>

This element occurs in : Element : <alfs> | Element: <stage>

See also : Element: <packageinfo> | Element: <stage>


The package element is one of the top-level operation elements. It describes the build process of a package. The actual build process is described by the stage sub-elements.

The name attribute contains the name of the package. See Element: <name>.

The version attribute contains the version of the package. See Element: <version>.


<package name="zlib" version="1.1.4">

        <stage name="Unpacking a package.">





The equivalent bash script is :

echo Generating package zlib 1.1.4

echo Stage "Unpacking a package."

echo Unpacking /usr/src/lfs-packages/zlib.1.1.4.tar.gz into /usr/src
cd /usr/src
[[ $? != 0 ]] &&  echo Command failed && exit 3

tar xzvf /usr/src/lfs-packages/zlib.1.1.4.tar.gz
[[ $? != 0 ]] &&  echo Command failed && exit 3

echo Exiting stage "Unpacking a package."


echo End of generating package zlib 1.1.4