Element: <move>


        <!ELEMENT move           (option?, source+, destination)>
<!ATTLIST move
          base           CDATA #IMPLIED>

This element occurs in : Element : <alfs> | Element: <stage> |

See also : Element: <option> | Element: <source> | Element: <destination>


The move element is one of the top-level operation elements. It can be used to move one or more files and/or directories into a destination directory, or to rename a single file or directory.

The option child-element provides a means to pass an option to the mv command.

[Note] Note

Not all of the mv command's options are in every implementation. Refer to the documentation for your implementation to determine what options are available.

When processing this element, you move each source to the destination, using the specified option if present.

The source child-element contains the name of the source file and its directory.

The destination child-element contains the name of the destination directory (and, optionally, the command) for the mv command.

The base attribute allows you to specify the directory in which the operation will be performed. For a better description, see Element : <base>.



The equivalent bash script is :

        echo Move ' /usr/src/mypackage/config.txt /opt/mypackage/config.txt'
mv /usr/src/mypackage/config.txt /opt/mypackage/config.txt