Element: <digest>


<!ELEMENT digest         (#PCDATA)>
<!ATTLIST digest
          type           CDATA "md5">

This element occurs in ; Element: <download> | Element: <unpack>


The digest element is used to specify a unique digest of the file to be operated on by the parent element. Typically these digests are MD5 sums, but an ALFS implementation can support alternative digests as well, including SHA-1.

[Note] Note

Support for the digest element is implementation specific. Not all implementations will support every type of digest hash available. Refer to the documentation for your implementation to determine what options are available.

The type attribute specifies the algorithm used to create the specified digest value, and defaults to MD5 if not specified.


Refer to Element: <reference> for an example.

There is no equivalent Bash script example for this element.